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Key Information for Clients

STEAC works through referral applications only. To receive assistance, please contact one of our partner nonprofit or government agency who will be able to verify your program eligibility and give you further details.

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“STEAC’s assistance was a lifesaver. I would otherwise be homeless.”

Gary A.

STEAC Client

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how to get help

To receive financial assistance from STEAC:

Available Services

The STEAC Food Pantry provides enough free food to Davis residents once a month for three meals a day for five days for each member of the household. Food is distributed in the form of groceries and includes a mix of non-perishable and perishable items such as bread, meat, and produce. 

To receive food from the STEAC Food Pantry you must make a food appointment through one of our partner agencies in Davis listed towards the bottom of this page. Please note:

  • Food appointments are limited to Davis residents only. 
  • You must be low-income to qualify. 
  • Residents with recent loss of job or a cut in work hours qualify for assistance.
  • Clients are served by appointment only.
  • Families with children enrolled in the Davis Joint Unified School District’s free lunch program can call the STEAC office for information about scheduling an appointment at the Food Pantry.

Food and gifts are provided to qualified individuals and families.

  • Assistance as part of the Holiday Program is available only to Davis residents.
  • Applications are available online starting October 23, 2023. If you would like to sign up in person, please stay tuned for more information. 

Assistance for rent and utilities is provided to residents of Yolo County.

Eviction Prevention

  • STEAC assists with the payment for one month’s rent up or up to $1,000 to prevent eviction.
  • If the amount required to revoke the eviction notice is greater than $1,000, recipients must show proof of funds to pay the remaining balance that STEAC cannot assist with.
  • Residents can receive eviction prevention rental assistance once a year (full 12 months).

First Month’s Rent

  • STEAC provides assistance for one month’s rent up to $1,000 to help pay for first month’s rent or deposit for long-term housing.
  • Residents can receive first month’s rental assistance every two years.

Bill Pay / Utilities

  • Financial assistance up to $250 is given to prevent utilities from being turned off or to have them restored.
  • If seeking assistance with a PG&E bill, the bill must have a 48-hour, 15-day, or shut-off notice alert in order to assist.
  • Assistance is available to pay for a bill or approved expense such as: water or gas payment, medical expenses, car repairs, funeral expenses, and more as approved by staff.
  • Residents can receive utilities assistance once a year (full 12 months). 

Legal Documents 

  • STEAC can assist with payment for CA Driver’s License/ ID
  • Live scan/ fingerprints, notary services
  • Birth certificates

Job Training/ Certifications

  • Forklift Training Certification
  • CA Food Handler Certification
  • CA Food Manager Certification

Family Expenses/ Other

  • Workboots
  • Eyeglasses 
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Poverty Guidelines

To qualify for help from STEAC, a client must meet the following income guidelines. These are based on the 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines + $100/month.

Number of Persons Annual Income Monthly Income Rent not to exceed*
1 $23,220 $1,935 $1,548
2 $26,836 $2,236 $1,789
3 $33,518 $2,793 $2,235
4 $40,200 $3,350 $2,680
5 $46,882 $3,907 $3,125
6 $53,564 $4,464 $3,571
7 $60,246 $5,021 $4,016
8 $66,928 $5,577 $4,462

* 80% of monthly income.

Referral Agencies

  • Davis Community Meals & Resource Center: 530-753-9204
  • Empower Yolo: 530-757-1261
  • Empower Yolo: 530-406-7221
  • Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency: 1-855-278-1594
  • West Sacramento Resource Center (YCCA): 916-572-0560
  • Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency: 1-855-278-1594
  • Empower Yolo: 916-873-8824
  • Empower Yolo: 530-735-1776
  • Winters: R.I.S.E.: 530-794-6000
  • Esparto: R.I.S.E.: 530-787-4110

If you do not reside in Yolo County, please dial 211 for information.

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