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Barbara Heinsch

“Seeing how many volunteers are involved at all the components of STEAC grew the love I had for Davis.”

Barbara has been volunteering at STEAC since 2008, but took a break and came back a few years later. Upon her return, she was able to pick up where she left off and has become even more involved with the organization. Today, you can find Barbara volunteering at the STEAC office helping enter data, creating reports for STEAC surveys, at the Pantry you can find her packing and distributing for STEAC food appointments, and on top of that she helps during outreach events when she can. Read more about Barbara below:

How did you hear about STEAC and what drew you to the organization?

Over the years that I’ve lived in Davis, I’ve heard people mention STEAC and seen flyers around town. My mom was passionate about volunteering and had been helping her community in some way since I could remember. Her passion inspired me to do the same for my community and STEAC’s organization made it very easy to learn the ropes and get involved. While working at STEAC, I was impressed by their organization and appreciation for the team, from clients to volunteers. I have never received close to the amount of appreciation I have since working with STEAC.

Has volunteering with STEAC changed the way you view our community?

Seeing how many volunteers are involved at all the components of STEAC grew the love I had for Davis. When I came back to STEAC during COVID, I noticed there were many youth volunteering. It was wonderful to see so many young people taking charge and being involved in their community. Davis is such a small community, yet the people are so giving and kind and we are able to work together to create such an organized organization like STEAC.

If someone is interested in volunteering to help their community, what tips would you give them to get started?

It took me a while to find a place I really enjoyed volunteering at. It’s important to find somewhere that matches your personality, somewhere you can get along with the other volunteers and fit in well. I think STEAC is a great place for volunteers to start in, they are incredibly organized and there are many ways to participate. The entire organization is set up for volunteers; all the information a volunteer needs is laid out for them. It is a great experience for those wanting to get involved with the community.

Do you have a favorite memory while being at STEAC?

My favorite memory is how organized STEAC is. When I came back to STEAC after 11 years away, I loved how all my information was saved, despite there being a new management team. I also cherish the appreciation from the community to the volunteers here. STEAC creates such a positive environment that I love to work in.  Another favorite memory of mine is the Holiday Program, where I saw how generous the community was, with some going above and beyond with the gifts they give to the families they adopted.

Thank you Barbara for all the hard work you put into helping our neighbors in need.

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