STATISTICS FROM 2000 to 2020

Number of:

  • times STEAC helped a client (individual or family) = 70,306
  • meals provided = 1,192,192
  • families served by the Holiday Program = 7,747

Type of Help breakdown:

  • 58% Food
  • 23% Miscellaneous (includes Legal Documents, Car Repair, Education, Gas, Medical, Transportation, Suit Up for Success, Job Assistance, Furniture, Other)
  • 11% Holiday Adoption
  • 7% Rental Assistance and Utilities


Since 1967, STEAC has:

  • become one of Yolo County's oldest nonprofit organizations.
  • played an important role in keeping families together and in their homes.
  • brightened many holidays for low income families.
  • set the model for providing service to the public with a low administrative overhead.
  • introduced many to the world of volunteerism.
  • helped create a generation of charitable donors.