We've had an amazing response to our call for more adopters, and at this time we have an adopter for every family and individual!

However, if you'd like to donate gently used clean coats (any sizes) or books for children and teens, you are welcome to drop them off at the First Baptist Church, 38141 Russell Blvd, Davis, on Tuesday, December 5th and Wednesday the 6th from 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm, and Thursday, December 7th from 7:30am to 7pm.



So many of us take for granted that we can afford gifts and food for our friends and relatives during the holiday season. But there are many Davis families who don't have this luxury - instead, they are worrying about setting aside part of their meager income to purchase gifts and food for their children.

Information for Adopters

You can adopt a family on your own or as part of a group, such as your office, club or business. An eligible family, who has been screened by a crew of dedicated STEAC volunteers, will be matched with you as their adopter. Adopters and adoptees remain anonymous to each other. All of the details and deadlines for taking part in the program will be provided to you on an adoption form that includes the following information:

  • FOOD - A list of food for you to purchase for your family, based on family size.
  • CHECK - The amount requested will be used to provide a gift certificate for the adopted family to use at a grocery store to purchase fresh food items.
  • GIFTS - A wish list from the family. We ask that you provide at least one new gift valued at about $25 for each family member.

The drop-off days for the adopters this year will be December 5 and 6 from 11 am to 2 pm, and 4 pm to 6pm, and December 7 from 7:30 am to 7 pm.

Type of Family # People Cost Checklist (click to download)
Single - Limited Cooking 1 $100 - $110
Single 1 $100 - $110
Small 2-3 $200 - $225
Medium 4-5 $250+
Large 6-7 $350 - $400
Extra Large 8+ $500+