STEAC 2021 Holiday Program

So many of us take for granted that we can afford gifts and food for our families and friends during the holiday season. But there are many Davis families who struggle to provide food, heat, clothing, and shelter to loved ones, and therefore special meals and gifts can be challenging to provide. STEAC's Holiday Adopt-a-Family Program provides a way for community members to support these low income families and individuals during the holiday season.

Low income families and individuals, who have been screened by a crew of dedicated STEAC volunteers, are "adopted" by community members. Adopters and adoptees remain anonymous to each other.

Ways to Participate in the Holiday Program

1. Apply to be Adopted:

To qualify, your family members must be residents of Davis, and meet the same income guidelines as the Federal Free School Lunch Program, whether or not you have school age children.

Click here for information about applying to be adopted.

1. Solicitar su adopción:

Para calificar, sus familiares deben ser residentes de la ciudad de Davis y cumplir con las mismas directrices de ingresos como el Programa Federal de Almuerzos Escolares Gratuitos, si tienes o no hijos de edad escolar.

Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre la solicitud de adopción.

2. Adopt a Family or Individual:

You can be an adopter yourself, or with your family, friends, club, group, or workplace.

Click here for more information about being an Adopter.

3. Volunteer:

The Holiday Program needs lots of volunteers, especially in December. If you are already a STEAC volunteer, you will receive an email about how to sign up to help this year. If you have not volunteered for STEAC before or haven't filled out our Volunteer form, click here to fill out the form and let us know you are interested in helping with the Holiday Program this year.

4. Donate Money to STEAC:

In addition to adopting a family, there are also other ways to support low income families served by STEAC's programs, including the Holiday Program. Click here to make a donation to STEAC.


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