STEAC 2019 Holiday Program
Information for Adopters

STEAC's Holiday Adopt-a-Family Program provides a way for community members to support low income families and individuals in Davis during the holiday season.


As of 11/21/19, all 407 families and individuals approved as Adoptees now have an Adopter! Once again, we are so grateful and awed by the generosity of our community!

If you have signed up to be an Adopter, you should have received the information by email or mail by now. If you haven't, please send an email to, or call the office at 530-758-8435 asap.


Community individuals, families, and groups (office, club or business) may participate as an Adopter.

An eligible family, who has been screened by a crew of dedicated STEAC volunteers, is matched with the Adopter.

Adopters and Adoptees remain anonymous to each other.

The program starts in late October - accepting submissions from those who'd like to adopt and screening the applicants.


The details and deadlines for taking part in the program are provided for Adopters. The helpful information will include:

  • Food List of what to purchase for the adopted family, based on family size.
  • Check amount for you to include, which will be used to provide a gift certificate for your adopted family to purchase fresh food items at a local grocery store.
  • A gift list, which is a wish list from your adopted family. You will provide at least one new gift for each family member, valued at about $30.
  • New for 2019: In attempt to better match the needs of the families being adopted, we are excited to be offering this year a choice of ethnically-inspired food lists in addition to the traditional food list. The food items on all of the lists can be purchased in local grocery stores (Safeway, Nugget, Save-Mart, Target, etc.) and the costs by family size are similar for all lists.
  • The drop-off dates for Adopters this year (2019) will be December 3-5.

Cost Information by Family Size

Type of Family

# of Family





Single (Limited Cooking)



Single (No Cooking)












Extra Large

8 plus

$500 +

Examples of Checklists provided to Adopters

Actual list provided will depend on family size

List A. Traditional for a Medium family download
List B. Hispanic for a Medium family download
Shopping Tips for List B download
List C. Asian for a Medium family download
Shopping Tips for List C download


Send an email to