Welcome to the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee, better known around Yolo County as STEAC. Founded in 1967, STEAC is one of the oldest nonprofit organizations Yolo County. It is located in Davis, a central California community about 15 miles west of Sacramento. STEAC is a volunteer-oriented organization.

STEAC's purpose is to provide immediate, short-term emergency aid to families and individuals with incomes at or below the federal poverty level who live in Yolo County. Assistance includes providing help with food, rental, utility and job readiness. Since 1967, STEAC has provided a critical safety net for those whose needs cannot be met by other charitable or government agencies. For needy residents, it is often the agency of last resort for assistance.

STEAC and Big Day of Giving 2021

Big Day of Giving is an annual fundraising event organized by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation that unites the region in the spirit of giving.

Donations to STEAC can be made any time between now and the end of May 6, 2021 at bigdayofgiving.org/steac.

Donations may also be made directly on our website by clicking here. If you would like it to be for Big Day of Giving, please include "BDoG" in the notes.

Need Food? The STEAC Food Closet Can Help

STEAC's Davis food closet provides a week's worth (5 days) of food to every member of a family including fresh foods like dairy, meat, and produce. Families can receive this service once a month. You must be a low-income Davis resident to qualify. Recent loss of job or hours will qualify for assistance. To get help, call the STEAC office at 530-758-8435.

¿Necesitas comida? ¡El armario de alimentos STEAC puede ayudar!
La alacena de comida de STEAC en Davis proporciona una semana (5 dias) de alimentos para cada miembro de la familia, incluidos alimentos frescos como lacteos, carnes y productos. Las familias pueden recibir este servicio una vez al mes. Para calificar debes ser un residente de Davis de bajos ingresos. La perdida reciente de trabajo u horas de trabajo calificara para recibir asistencia. Recibir ayuda, llama a la oficina de STEAC al 530-758-8435.

A Message to STEAC Volunteers and Clients

STEAC is working hard to continue to provide services during the COVID-19 health crisis. We are committed to complying with all Yolo County and the State of California directives in order to keep our volunteers and our clients safe. We appreciate your patience.

How You Can Help Today


Click here to support STEAC's short term emergency aid programs year around.


Click here for more information and to join us as a volunteer during food drives, in the STEAC Food Closet or office.


Food should be dropped off at our Food Closet at 642 Hawthorn (parking lot behind St. Martin's church) on Tuesdays from 11 am to 1 pm. Food donations should be limited to non-perishables. At the present time we cannot accept fruit or produce. Donations should not be taken to the STEAC office.


To donate a bag of food every other month, click here for more information about how to become part of the STEAC Food Project team as a food donor or even a neighborhood coordinator.

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